Work for What You Want

“Nothing is free.” These are words I’ve heard my entire life. I remember them as if they were told to me daily. Those that know me extremely well, know that my father is a great influence in my life. Those that know my father know how tight he is with money. As a child, I got a lot of things that I wanted, but I had to work for them. It was rather seldom that I was just given something just because. There was usually a type of transaction that took place. For example, if I wanted a new game, I would have to make a certain grade or do certain extra chores without being asked. I had to prove myself to receive my reward. This habit has subconsciously followed me into adulthood. When I receive a gift, and it’s not my birthday or Christmas, I don’t know how to respond. I almost feel bad for accepting it because I didn’t work for it. After all, this goes against what I have been told.

The older I get the more I realize that gifts, though they seem free, are not really free. You have worked or will work to earn the honor of that gift. You may not have fulfilled any need to the gift giver, but you have done something that sparked that person to give you a gift. This was a tough concept for me to grasp. In that same vein, God has bestowed upon me several gifts which I am trying to figure out and use for the greater good. I am working to prove myself worthy of these gifts.

Working for what I want is something I’m used to. Receiving feedback and results is something I’m used to. Growing quickly within the workforce, however is new to me. Allow me to elaborate. I currently work for a marketing agency. In late January early February I was hired as an intern. By April I was offered a part time job. By June, my hours were increased. It is now July, and my hours and responsibility level has increased yet again. I am now leading several projects and have been involved in several successful campaigns. My opinion matters and my coworkers and employers listen to and value my opinion. I was always told that hard work yeilded results, but I didn’t know the results could come so quickly.

One of the mottos I live by is “Nothing is FREE! You must WORK for what you WANT!” I want a lot of things. I work hard at a lot of things. I am seeing results at my job. Now that I have experienced it on the job, it is time to take that same mentality and effort to improve my personal brand. I will become a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. I will work for what I want and I will see results. It’s just that simple.

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