Kehlani - You Should Be Here Tour

The title says it all. You really should have been there. The venue was inviting. The music was amazing. The overall experience is something I’ll never forget. Kehlani really knows how to capture an audience and work a crowd. Everyone from the openers to the DJ was amazing. The House of Blues in New Orleans was blessed with Kehlani’s presence, and I would definitely go see another Kehlani show.

I’ve been a fan of the Oakland singer for a while. I discovered her music through YouTube singer Avalon Young. From there I fell in love. I immediately downloaded “Cloud 19” and any available music that was released before that. I immersed myself in her voice. I allowed it to transport me to a wonderful place. Anyone who’s ever heard her voice knows what I mean. I patiently waited for her second project, “You Should Be Here“(YSBH) and fell in love all over again when it dropped. I followed her on all social media sites and love to hear her sing songs that are not featured on projects (thank you Soundcloud). Her voice is angelic, but she is also extremely attractive earning her the nickname #BaeLani.

The show opened up with a small performance from New Orleans native, Ambre Perkins. I also found Ambre around the same time I found Kehlani. The two have a similar style about them. I was extremely happy when i found out they had a song together and even more excited when Ambre revealed that she would be touring with Kehlani. Ambre did her thing, after all the concert was in New Orleans, and was followed by an artist named Pell. Although I had not heard of Pell, he proved to put on quite the show. He was entertaining and his music had a message (something I love about music). He captured my attention, and I look forward to hearing more of his music.

The main attraction started with word from the intro track of YSBH. Kehlani appeared on stage wearing a jacket with the phrase written across the back and sang the title track. The crowd erupted with fans singing along, many knowing every word to the song. From there, the songstress took us on a journey through her mind and music. She performed most of the songs from both projects and even performed “Preach” with Ambre. The show was unlike anything I’d ever been through. The girl could dance, sing, tell a story, or a joke, and man did she work the crowd. There was tons of fan involvement and she made the audience appreciate the money they spent.

One of my favorite moments of the show was during her performance of the song “Bright“. Kehlani took that time to express self love. From there she talked about loving one another and loving your family. She expressed how simply talking to someone could save a life. This made her music even more real and relatable. She comes across as a genuine soul, and I pray that she remains true to that image. If you get the chance, definitely check out Kehlani. You should definitely be there.