Kehlani 24:7 - Review

It's no secret that I absolutely love Kehlani, and she is one of my favorite R&B artists out right now. If you've been paying attention to the music industry at all, you'd know that a few weeks ago, it is rumored that Kehlani attempted suicide. She has since recovered and has resumed performing and writing, including her newest joint "24:7". 

The song was released on May 3, 2016 and was produced by DZL. The hook "I don't know nobody  who thinks that they're somebody 24:7" appears to speak to her condition and the way she felt a few weeks ago at the time of the rumored incident. The verses go into detail about the ups and downs of someone's personality. They touch on the fact that no one feels 100% all the time. Lines like "It's ok to not be ok" and "I have my days when I am not myself" expose the fact that every day is not the best day and that's completely ok.

Personally, I think this was the right move for Kehlani. As an artist, I always preach that you should put your emotions into your art. After a rumored suicide attempt and recovery there's nothing more empowering and reassuring to the fans, than putting those feelings into music that they can relate to. We all have bad days, but hearing Kehlani sing about making it through those bad days, somehow makes it better.

I wish Kehlani the best in her life and career, and while I love the message and production, the lyrics are a little vague for the music she normally releases. However, due to the sensitive subject matter, I'm willing to look past it and give this track a solid 7.5/10.