Keep Moving

Well, well, well. It has been a while since I’ve spoken with you all, and for that, I truly do apologize. You see, my life proceeded to get extremely busy after my last post:

  • My work hours increased

  • My band had more practices and shows

  • I started seeing a girl

  • I started 2 podcasts

  • I released my first single and then album

It seemed like I didn’t have any time to rest or slow down. However, whenever you’re going full speed, life finds a way to pull you back to reality. I just went on a cruise with my family and that allowed me time to slow down…literally. If you ever want to slow down, travel by boat. I digress. Although I spent most of my time on vacation reading, I spent a significant amount of time thinking. I thought about life, my position, my future, etc.

When I returned home from my vacation is when things started to really change. My band solidified another show. My work responsibility increased. My personal projects increased. My girlfriend and I broke up. This single event has slowed my fast paced life. I spent a lot of time with my girl when we were together. To just stop, has thrown me for a loop. I’m still productive and I function normally during the day, but I find myself lost at times. It’s almost like I forgot how to live without her.

After a day or so of coping, I decided to barge ahead. To keep moving in the direction in which I was traveling when she came into my life. She became a big part of my life, and I sacrificed time to be with her. Although I want to continue working on projects and pushing my mind, sometimes I find it difficult to take action. I am letting myself feel the feelings but I am not wallowing in them. I refuse to let myself slip into a comatose state. I will continue to push on to greater things. I will consistently challenge myself to be a better person.

I refuse to see this as a bad thing. I feel bad about it. It makes me sad when I linger on the thought, but I will not let this define who I am. I recently watched season 1 of “The Flash”, and if I can take one thing and apply it to real life, it’s that I will continue to believe. I will continue to move forward: with my relationships, with my creative projects, and with my life. I will keep moving forward.