Collaboration is Key

Most people will say that there are too many photographers and not enough work. If you and I ever sit down and really talk about photography and the business of it, I will tell you that there a ton of photographers and there’s enough work for everyone to reach the level of success that they want. I simple mind shift will help you understand what I mean. Working with other people is completely more beneficial than working against them. Collaboration projects have changed the course of my photo career for the better.

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Be Unique

Photography, like any other artform, is unique to artist. Sure there are technical rules and a “correct” way to do things, but those are only starting points and guidelines. People like different things. There’s no reason why if we have completely different styles, that we both can’t succeed at creating art. Some of my favorite videos that prove this point are when different photographers shoot the same model. This brings in different styles with the same subject. Sometimes the photos are similar, but the styles and the story they create are completely different.

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Be Nice

Being nice, not fake, will carry you a long way. I’m not saying do everything for free or let people use and take advantage of you. But when you’re genuinely nice to people and you don’t expect anything in return, things happen. Doors open and opportunities appear out of nowhere, at least these kind of things happen to me. I’ve gotten clients from photo friends who just couldn't do the work. I’ve gotten referrals from people who have only seen my work online. Being nice is a fundamental skill that I am learning comes with great power, especially when you don’t ask for or expect anything in return.

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Some of my favorite photos I’ve taken have been time for photos or free shoots working with friends and models. The photos and relationships from those shoots have produced clients that I don’t believe I would have ever gotten without those collaborations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no pro when it comes to collaborating. I’m pretty introverted, but I know if I don’t put myself out there, I can’t win.

Most of the photos featured here are from a photowalk I did with


  • Imani Vonsha - @imani_vonsha

  • Jackson Aucoin - @iknow_imtall

  • Madison Buratt - @madisonburatt

Thanks for reading. If you know of any amazing people that would like to collaborate in the Baton Rouge area, don’t hide them, I’d love to see them. Share them (or the links to them) in the comments down below.

Believe That,

Larry G.