Nowhere (to go) But Up


When your debts are more than your income. When your dreams are way above your reality. When your back is against the wall, there’s nowhere to go but up. The thought of my dreams and goals seem impossible, but for some reason I feel as though they are around the corner. Lately I have been feeling “the itch”. The itch to do more. The itch to be challenged. The itch to try. The itch to fail. The itch to go beyond what I have been doing.

I’ve never been able to sit completely still. As a child I would jump from couch to couch, show to show, idea to idea, hobby to hobby, etc. As a young adult, the same remains true. I love having a routine and things to do, but I also become bored of them if I am not presented a challenge to overcome. Work is becoming less challenging which only encourages my itch.

As cliche as it sounds, I know that if I really put my mind to something I can overcome it. I know that if I focus enough energy on something things will come to fruition. Yesterday I heard the saying “Take the leap and the net will appear” and I can’t help but feel that that is what I’m supposed to do. I feel compelled to leap. I feel compelled to expand and grow and I am not doing that in my current state. Something has to change. Although I’m talking about leaping, there’s really nowhere for me to go, but up.