ItsLarryG Radio Ep. 001 - How to Feel Better

Ep. 001 - How to Feel Better

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The first episode of ItsLarryG Radio has a special guest, my girlfriend Errin. We decided to have a positive, motivational conversation. The idea stemmed from a phone call I received earlier that day that put me in a bad mood. I asked Errin what I could do to help me feel better, and then I asked her for more personal/ general advice she had for helping someone feel better when they’re feeling down. A few suggestions are:

  • Make something or do something that makes you happy

    • Make videos, photos, podcasts, music, etc.

  • Go outside or get some fresh air if possible

    • Take the dog for a walk

  • Look up some positive or motivational quotes

  • Find someone or something that inspires you

  • Laugh

I wanted to start something that was positive and motivational and having this conversation was a great first step. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey and sharing motivation and positivity with anyone who will listen.

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