Baton Rouge Engagement Shoot

I am a man of my word, and a few months ago when I decided to get into the photo business, I offered my services for an amazingly cheap $20. A couple decided to hit me up to take advantage of that amazing offer and I honored the sale with a beautiful engagement shoot around downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They wanted pictures to showcase their love in a beautiful city. I am honored that they chose me to capture their new level of love.

The shoot started on the levee near the river front. I met up with the couple who were riding their bikes around the city (how cute). They told me that they love to ride their bikes and we decided that this would be the first “pose” for their engagement shoot. During this initial interaction, I could tell that this is something they have really bonded over.

Knowing the city and the levee the way I do, I decided to move them to the pier because they told me they would like to have water in the background. This is where I started to really speak with them about who they are and what they wanted out of the shoot. I also got to witness their love and all of its glory.

As the shoot continued, I began to understand their relationship and their unique sense of humor. From the way they imitated statues to the way they became “monks” near another statue. Their interest in the city, it’s art and the culture really came through in their decisions for what they chose as backgrounds. This carried into the final location, the Old State Capitol.

They showed me that they’re curious about the outdoors, nature, and the culture of BR. I wish them all the best in their new adventures around the city and their new adventures as a married couple.