Barbers are Artists - Tim @ Shades With Fades

When I began to take photography seriously, I understood the importance of shooting. I knew that if I was gonna be any good, I had to shoot a lot and a lot of different things. Taking pictures outside was easy. The world is beautiful. One day while I was in the barber shop, I asked my barber if I could come back a different day and take pictures of him cutting hair. He agreed and when my friend Matt was getting his haircut I brought my camera and took some shots. 

The pictures are edited in a mixed style. I see a lot of barbers post pictures that are super contrasty and embossed looking. I decided to blend that style with my own and the result is what you see below. I did this shoot for free and I told Tim that he could use these for his own promotional use. When I shared these photos, Tim said that he liked my work, my style, and that if I ever need practice, he would allow me to shoot again. I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and editing them.