Harbinger Project at Hi-Ho Lounge in New Orleans

Earlier this month I decided to try my hand at some music photography. I messaged several bands and venues in the New Orleans area and finally the guys of Hi-Ho Lounge granted me permission to shoot their venue. I checked the schedule for the night and hit up the guys of Harbinger Project. 

Ben, the keyboard player, quickly answered my request with a yes. After work, I headed to the show rather early. (I was there when the venue opened). I wanted to talk to the band beforehand, introduce myself, etc. I hung out with the guys before their set and they gave me reign to do whatever I wanted to get the shots I wanted. 

It was a rather pleasing and interesting experience. Thanks again to the guys of Harbinger Project. Their set was awesome. I took some cool pictures and even put together a small video. Check them out below.