LANDR | Music Product Review

*This is not a sponsored post. I really love this product.


One of the things that I discovered and used a lot in 2016 was LANDR. Simply put, LANDR is a way for musicians to master their music via artificial intelligence for a monthly or yearly fee. I chose the cheapest version, just because I’m on a budget. It offers a three tiered system of pricing to fit most needs: Basic, Advanced, and Pro. Since I’ve only used the Basic package, I can only speak to that one.


My package only exports as MP3s, but I love it. I’ve never worked with a professional sound engineer or someone who masters music for a living. I’d like to in the future, but for now and for the price, LANDR is a win in my book. I claim to know about music and recording in Logic, but truth be told, I know about recording in Logic Pro X. I’m not as savvy as I’d like to be when it comes to mixing and mastering which is why I watch a lot of YouTube and use LANDR.

LANDR just gives my music that final push I think it needs to be listener ready. Most people won’t care if your music was mixed and mastered by a professional, they just want to be able to hear it. Although I want my music to sound the best that it can, I simply can’t afford a professional mastering session at the moment. I can’t afford studio time. To combat these issues, I’m working out of a home studio and I use LANDR. I’ll show you the difference with a track below. Tell me what you think.


Although LANDR is not my preferred way to master my music, it is an affordable, easy option that has treated me well thus far. I give LANDR an 8/10 would use again.