YouTube Goals 2017

Last year was not the best year for my YouTube channel. I didn’t post as many videos, topics were scattered, and my numbers dropped (but that seemed to be a common theme of last year). This year I want to treat YouTube with the proper respect that it deserves. I’ve decided to set some goals for this year, and just like my overall goals for the year, I’m releasing them to the public so that I can remain accountable.

  • Reach 500 subs

  • Post at least 52 videos

  • Engage more often

  • Use annotations/cards effectively

  • Use SEO properly

When done right, I know that YouTube can lead to a thriving community and become a regular source of income. I don’t make videos for the money (obviously I’ve been on this platform for years without doing so). But I’m older, wiser, and more savvy than I used to be, and I think with the proper planning and execution, I can make a little change on the side.