The Importance of a Good Headshot

Imagine, you're applying for that awesome school, graduate program, or job only to realize that they ask you send a picture with your application. Sure you could upload a selfie or that picture of you from 3 years ago, but why not just send them your headshot? You don't have a headshot? Damn. This is only one instance where many realize that headshots are t just for models or video games.


A great headshot can make you stand out in an application (even if they don't ask for one). Many times, when looking for a job, people will ask how to stand out. The simple answer include more than they ask for.


     Ok so now you've decided that you're going to include that headshot but who's gonna take it? You could take it yourself on your phone or that old point and shoot your parents gave you, or you could hire a photographer. The choice in quality, time, (and truthfully) professionalism will show in the final product. A good photographer will not only help you look professional, but they will help edit the picture to be the most flattering for you.


Don't get caught sending selfies or old pictures in an application. Search your local facebook, Craigslist, or tap your friends for photographer references. Chances are, most photographers offer a cheap or discounted package just for headshots.